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Altis Life Statistics

Unique Players: 26,371
Total Vehicles: 60,819
Current Mission Version: 3.2

Top 10 Richest Players

1. Walter Warren - $3,641,719
2. [AAD] Pi...I.Like - $2,678,550
3. Dan Schwerner - $1,920,799
4. [EEPA] NytroBeast - $1,913,659
5. [EEPA] Tecumseh - $1,840,782
6. bandar - $1,755,909
7. Bob Warren - $1,609,235
8. Antonio Pretre - $1,599,207
9. [AAD] PoltikZ - $1,520,909
10. Getsmoked - $1,498,845

Current Lottery Jackpot


Server Statistics

Latest News

Altis Life Server Update 2/9 - Become the presi...

Feb 08 2022 07:21 PM | GZR in Articles

Presidential system! You can now run for president by going to the government building/office complex in pyrgos. You will be asked for an investment, a minimum of 25,000, and have the opportunity to enter a paragraph about your policies/campaign promis...

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Altis Life Server Update 2/6

Feb 06 2022 07:09 AM | GZR in Articles

Patch notes 2/6/16

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Admin Event: Sky Diving

Feb 05 2022 01:38 PM | Kirvette in Articles

Wanna join in on the fun? Come join at the Kavala stadium this Saturday!

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Server Update Revision 725

Jan 31 2022 12:42 PM | Patches in Articles

Another update? Are they are breaking the server again? Why do they keep doing this to us?
Because we love you!
Patch notes for this update are below!

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Recent Downtime Information

Jan 26 2022 01:30 PM | Ministorm in Articles

TeamSpeak can now be accessed via ts3.sealteamsloth.com

So, within the past couple of weeks, SealTeamSloth.com has been having reliability issues. You could connect, but it would take so long to load, it wasn't worth it.

This was being caused by a DNS issue. A random A-record kept popping up in our DNS that we couldn't get rid of. This was pointing the website to the wrong place, hence why it took so long to load. We changed our configuration to prevent this from happening anymore.

We are still restoring services at this time. Please be patient.

If you want the LONG technical explanation, keep reading.

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Server Update Incoming! Take Cover!

Jan 24 2022 04:58 PM | Patches in Articles

Hello fellow tree-dwellers!

31/01/2022 (or 01/31/2022 for you muricans), we are going to be releasing our update to Revision 725.

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Ark Survival.... Valhalla? Hell yeah!

Jan 23 2022 02:02 PM | Patches in Articles

Did you just read that correctly? Valhalla? On Ark? Yes you did fine sir!


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Server Binary Update + Memory Allocator Update

Jan 20 2022 03:59 AM | Patches in Articles

Just a quick technical update for you guys to read and keep up to date.

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Server Update Revision 681

Jan 15 2022 10:26 AM | Patches in Articles

Changelog for Server Update to Revision 681, including information on upcoming changes within the server.

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New STS ARK Survival Evolved Server! WITH M...

Jan 13 2022 12:30 PM | Patches in Articles

After many sleepless hours, we now have a running and working SealTeamSloth Survival Ark Evolved Server!

So if you have Ark, the new website link to join our server is: SealTeamSloth Ark Survival Server

If you don't have Ark, GET IT! Its a fantastic game, and we have a great community on there, come join us! We guarantee many laugh, many deaths, and much brutal fun!

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